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About Us


oin the Essential Yoga classes specifically crafted for busy people.

Our story

YogFt started with a strong foundation and vision to bring the ancient art of Yoga to the modern lifestyle. We constantly work towards carrying those different styles of yoga practised and perfected by the most revered Yogis in India, under one single roof for each of our elite customers to experience and understand.

We believe every single physical and emotional need has a solution in Yoga. Helping people understand this by showcasing the various styles and making them choose the right style needed for their expectations out of Yoga is something which we focus on. Highest quality Yoga classes are offered in YogFt to people of all ages and from all walks of life thereby embracing individual search for personal growth and wellbeing.


Our Logo

“Our logo – The logo of YogFt on first look shows you the representation of flames forming a yogi structure. The flames are nothing but the inner aura of a yogi which can also be called as the inner energy, soul etc. This is the energy emitting from every living being. We believe in YogFt that by practicing and perfecting Yoga, one can align this energy to the outer world in a most optimistic way. The colour chosen for this logo is a shade of red blue and violet. Red and Blue represents the aura colours whereas Violet represents the colour of the Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra which is the greatest of the seven chakras. This is the destination of Yoga. Attaining and Rejuvenating this chakra is the level every yogi thrives to attain via constant practise of Yoga”