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Yoga is one of the most talked about word in the world now. It has become more popular than any other forms of fitness. But along with this popularity came in a lot of doubts regards to injuries caused, asana postures, whats the use of yoga over other forms of fitness etc.

People often ask what is the purpose of Yoga. More than the vast theoretical aspects and values, which says Yoga is a practise that makes one prepare for his/her death. Here death means the exit of the soul (Sushmasareeram) from the physical body (Sthoolashareeram). Yoga is a practise that helps the soul to reach the highest chakra in our body called Sahasrara Chakra during the time of death and exit from there leaving the physical body behind. This is just one explanation of Yoga which is widely accepted.

But why do the people worldwide practice yoga? Is it because of this reason? Do the people really know this fact at all is another question. People practise Yoga because it makes them comfortable. It allows them to control their mind over their body. It makes the body move the way the mind wanted it to. This in other words is what we call Flexibility. Hitting a gym hardens your muscles and gives it strength but doing yoga relaxes your muscles and gives you flexibility and core strengthening.

People even treat Yoga as a tool to reduce their weight and trim their tummies. This shall happen during the process though not because of Yoga, but because of the physical practise you do on a daily basis and the food habits you follow. But, what I think of Yoga is that it gives you a confidence on your physical and mental self. Yoga makes you accept the way your are and be happy for it. May you be fat, slim, skinny, fit, tall, short or anything but you start loving yourselves during the practise and thats the ultimate benefit you get in the physical world with Yoga.

So what are you waiting for, get a yoga mat and roll it out. Feel happy about who you are. End of the day, it is that what matters the most.


By Srinath | Director | YogFt.

How Good is Yoga?

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